Shortly after his first inauguration in 2008, U.S. President Obama initiated the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) process: a series of summits aimed at improving nuclear security worldwide. Leaders gathered from all over the world to take action to prevent nuclear terrorism, one of the greatest threats to international security. The first NSS was held in Washington in 2010 and the second in Seoul in 2012. The third summit took place in The Hague on March 23-24, 2014. As in Washington and Seoul, the NSS in The Hague had two official side events: an industry summit and a non-governmental experts summit.

This site provides details about the Nuclear Knowledge Summit (NKS) and more specifically, the experts summit: Nuclear Knowledge Summit: Towards Sustainable Nuclear Security. Under the umbrella of the NKS, several other events and related activities were organized by different parties between January and March 2014. For more information about these events, please visit the ‘Program’ and ‘Related events’ section of this website. For more information about the NSS 2014, please click here. For the NIS 2014, here.

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Wrap-up: Young Diplomats of Canada at the 2014 Nuclear Knowledge Summit – By Robert D. Onley

Advancing Nuclear Security: Evaluating Progress and Setting New Goals – By Matthew Bunn, Martin B. Malin, Nickolas Roth, and William H. Tobey (Harvard Belfer Center)

A Measure of Restraint in Cyberspace. Reducing Risk to Civilian Nuclear Assets – By Greg Austin (EWI)

Improving Nuclear Security Governance through the Nuclear Security Summits – By Kenneth Luongo (PGS)

Global Nuclear Security Governance beyond 2014: Coordinating & Consolidating Global Nuclear Security Structure – By Irma Arguello (NPGSGlobal)

The Nuclear Security Summit: Progress report – By Michelle Cann, Kelsey Davenport and Sarah Williams (SAIS)

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